New to Meditation

  1. Shambhala HamburgIf you are wondering where to get started the best thing to do is to come along to one of our weekly Wednesday open nights which start at 8pm. The typical format of the night is as follows: Sitting and walking meditation between 8-9pm followed by a reading or teaching on the practice of meditation. Meditation instruction is offered to all new people – either individual or group instruction depending on the amount of new people who come on any given night. This is followed by a group discussion where people can share their experiences in relation to meditation practice, ask questions or discuss the reading/teaching presented on the night. All are welcome to stay for tea and biscuits after! This evening provides a valuable support for people of all levels of experience and helps to support people in their meditation practice. People also find sitting in a group a very helpful and rich experience.
  2. Learn to Meditate programs: – check out the website for details of our regular one day “Learn to Meditate” programs. These are usually held on a Saturday between 10am and 4:15pm. The purpose of these one day programs is to give people a more in depth instruction and guidance on meditation practice and technique. Participants also get an opportunity to practice meditation for longer periods.
  3. Level 1 Shambhala Training: –  Level 1 is the first in a cycle of 5 weekend programs (Levels 1-5). These are non residential retreat programs where participants receive in depth meditation instruction and teaching on the Shambhala wisdom tradition. These weekends provide participants with a very powerful taste of the combination of meditation experience and these profound wisdom teachings. This weekend is suitable for beginners but we would recommend coming along to one of our open nights and getting some experience of sitting practice in advance of the weekend.