Becoming a member of the Dublin Shambhala Meditation Centre is a way to express your personal appreciation for what Shambhala provides and your wish to make it accessible to others. The Shambhala Centre is a not-for-profit organization that relies on the generosity of its members to sustain its day-to-day operations.  All work is performed on a voluntary unpaid basis. The experience of being a member is enormously rewarding and allows you the opportunity to make a greater connection with your local Centre, the teachings, and the larger Shambhala community.

(It is not necessary to become a member to participate in programs and events offered at the centre – all are welcome!).

Members help to create the vitality of life at the Centre through practice, volunteer service, and financial support.

Practice: Members engage regularly in meditation and contemplative practice and strive to integrate their practice into everyday life. Regular practice is the best way for all of us to support our Shambhala community, our world, and ourselves.

Volunteer Service: There are many ways to get involved in volunteer service at the Centre according to your availability, personal inspiration, and skills.  Opportunities include being a timekeeper for public sitting, staffing programs, or coordinating special events.

Financial Support: Members pay monthly membership donations. Regular donations help to pay basic operating expenses such as rent and utilities.  The financial support of our members is also key to our being able to offer a generosity policy, which ensures that programs are financially accessible to all.