Shambhala Training Level 1

Date: Friday 24 March 2017 (19:30 -21:00) Saturday 25 March 2017 (21:30 -18:00) Sunday 26 March 2017 (21:30 -18:00)
Teacher : Shastri Mark Duggan
Coordinator : Miriam Anderson
Contact person : Mark McGrath
Price: €120
The Art Of Being Human

Shambhala Training Level I offers an excellent introduction to mindfulness meditation and the Shambhala teachings of ‘Basic Goodness’ which point to the fact that our inherent nature is basically good, unbroken and unstained. The teachings on this weekend offer us a chance to glimpse and taste this reality. Participants will be provided with in depth meditation instruction - both group and individual instruction.

This is the first weekend in a cycle of five  Shambhala training weekends (Levels I -V) Our plan is to continue and offer all five of these weekends during 2017

Shambhala Training is an approach to meditation developed by the late Tibetan buddhist teacher Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. It is based on what Trungpa calls "Shambhala Vision", which sees enlightened society as not purely mythical, but as realizable by people of all faiths through practices of mindfulness/awareness, non-aggression, and sacred outlook.

“I am honoured and grateful that in the past I have been able to present the wisdom and dignity of human life within the context of the religious teachings of Buddhism. Now it gives me tremendous joy to present the principles of Shambhala warriorship and to show how we can conduct our lives as warriors with fearlessness and rejoicing, without destroying one another... I have been presenting a series of "Shambhala teachings" that use the image of the Shambhala kingdom to represent the ideal of secular enlightenment, that is, the possibility of uplifting our personal existence and that of others without the help of any religious outlook. For although the Shambhala tradition is founded on the sanity and gentleness of the Buddhist tradition, at the same time it has its own independent basis, which is directly cultivating who and what we are as human beings.”

                                                                                       Chogyam Trungpa

The Shambhala Training teachings offer a solid and progressive path through the deepening experience of meditation and awakening, while not just focused on the individual, its goal and vision is to achieve an enlightened society in our time. That goal is presented as not solely a social and political process, but one requiring individuals to develop an awareness of the basic goodness and inherent dignity of themselves, of others, and of the everyday details of the world around them. This is facilitated by cultivating gentleness and bravery.

Generosity Policy: At Dublin Shambhala our policy is to not refuse attendance to anyone due to financial difficulities. If you would like to attend this program and finance is an issue please email the contact person listed above to discuss options.